Christoph GRAUPNER

Christoph Graupner (1683 - 1760) is one of the most fascinating yet at the same time underestimated composers of the German baroque music: the era of Bach, Händel, Telemann, and many other nearly forgotten composers. This site intends to give visitors basic research data about the works of Christoph Graupner, rather than interpretations or analysis.

We honored the 250th anniversary of Graupner’s death in 2010 with this website. So it is our hope this will lead to many performances of his music in concerts around the world, and provide basic information for church choral groups, music researchers, vocalists, ensembles, conductors and musicologists. So please feel free to browse, or use the search feature (if you are looking for something more specific).

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You should absolutely take a look on the official website of the Graupner Association in Darmstadt.

Florian Heyerick