GWV - Graupner-Werke-Verzeichnis

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keyboard works (partita): GWV 101 - 150

chamber music (sonata): GWV 201 - 219

concerto's (concerto): GWV 301 - 344

overtures (ouverture): GWV 401 - 485

symphonies (sinfonia): GWV 501 - 612

Incerta: GWV 701 - 730

Anonyma: GWV 801 - 857

Miscontributions / Falschzuweisungen: GWV 901 - 918

Supplement / Anhang 1-3: Theoretical Works (u.a. 5626 Variations)


The online digital collection of the ULB Darmstadt: view and download scanned manuscripts of Graupner.

see also:  Graupner-Werke-Verzeichnis (GWV). Instrumentalmusik.
Edited by Bill, Oswald / Grosspietsch, Christoph, Carus Verlag (CA.24.029), Stuttgart 2005

Dr. O. Bill (Darmstadt) initiated together with F. Heyerick the GWV-numbers for the vocal works. This worklist is partly preliminary and to be considered as work in progress, as research is continuously going on. For official use (recordings, editions, etc.) please contact the owner of this site!